Settings I Change on Every WordPress Install

When you install a WordPress website you are given so many standard settings and tools to build a successful website, but it comes with several default settings I change on every install.

Title and Tag Line

The first settings are to set the website title and tag line. The title is usually the company name or domain name, but sometimes I find it better to change it to a search-engine-optimized title to get a broader audience. Likewise, the tag line may not even show up on my websites, but I do change the tag line to something search-engine friendly and relevant.


Often overlooked, setting timezone to the organization’s own locale is important for the accurate publishing of posts. Other WordPress post types may not be time sensitive, but posts are. It is important to set the timezone to the locale of the organization or audience.


While comments were essential in the days of blogs, for most websites comments on posts are a liability. For this reason I turn off comments and conversations for most, if not all, of my WordPress websites.


For some reason, WordPress defaults to “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders”. I have never found a justified use case for this setting, so when I install a new WordPress website I un-check this option.

Home Page

Most of my websites are not blog-focused, so featuring the most-recent posts is not usually important. Granted, the template file for the home page is customizable by default in WordPress, in most cases I will create a home page which I set as ‘home’ in settings and an updates page I set up to show blog posts.